Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A discussion on possible events or situations that may precipiate a crisis in ones life

          There are many things that can trigger a crisis in an individual’s life. The severity of the events or the impact they have can determine how a person reacts to this crisis. The following are just a few of the possible events that can precipitate a crisis at any given time. A sudden accident (automobile, in home, while playing a sport, out in nature, etc.) is one of the most unforeseen triggers. The death of a loved one can be sudden or something that happens over time, but this still can trigger a crisis for those that are left behind. Natural disaster tends to be a crisis for more than just individuals. These tend to trigger crises on a personal, local, state, and even national level. Physical illness (self or significant other) can be one of the hardest to deal with, especially those that are terminal or life changing. Divorce is another that not only can trigger a crisis for the partners but also for those closest to them such as children. Another that has hit our nation in recent years is that of unemployment. When the economy took a hit many millions lost their jobs, triggering not only emotional crises but also financial. And another serious event is an unexpected pregnancy. This can be difficult not only for the expecting mother but for the father and their families as it can put a huge financial strain on their lives.
                Please note that much of this section is pulled from school work in Intro to Psychology and web resources such as (PsychGuides)
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