Monday, April 15, 2013

A nation of "wickedness"? Oh Really!?

          I saw an interesting sign on the way to work today outside a Church. ; it stated “Living in a Wicked Society.” It was most interesting because from what I have seen in the past few years the ones who have been so wicked are those that are preaching the evils of the nation. However, even that is just prospective.

          There are many definitions or the word “wicked.” The one I see being most applicable is “causing or likely to cause harm, distress, or trouble.” (Merriam-Webster) By this definition, the very people preaching the “wickedness” of American society are the ones who are creating the environment.

          Take the fight for women’s equal rights. This should have been something over and done with, yet it is not. Republicans, the majority who are radical Christians, are trying their best to deny women the right to have control over their own bodies. They are trying to prevent women from getting equal pay in the same jobs as men. This is “wicked” because it causes harm and distress for women.

          These same people are trying to deny homosexuals from having equal rights as their heterosexual counter parts. Their religion tells, according to their interpretation, that homosexuality is a sin. They deny any other possible beliefs that could see this differently. So they work to deny equal rights to tax paying Americans. This causes a great deal of harm and distress.

          And then there is the “wickedness” of this group which works very hard to shine a bad light on all other religious beliefs but their own. Muslims have been painted as evil “wicked” people who want nothing more than to destroy Americans and Christianity. Yes, there are some extremist groups who do feel this way; just like in the Christian faith. But by no means is it all Muslims. If any one takes the time to read the Koran you will find that most of it is comprised of the Old Testament of the Christ Bible, which comes from part of the Jewish holy book the Torah. Through the use of fear and slander these Christian extremists are causing a great deal of harm and distress to those of other faiths.

          So in conclusion… much of the “wickedness” of our nation is actually being generated from fanatical religious extremists bound to force their religious beliefs and morals on everyone else in the world.
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