Friday, April 19, 2013

Religion or Spirituality.... what's the difference?

          This was an image someone posted on Facebook the yesterday. The quote is from Deepak Chopra who is an American physician, a holistic health/New Age guru, and one of America's most notable alternative medicine practitioners. It really got me to thinking about the difference between religion and spirituality.

          The word religion has such a bad connotation for so many now days. They have been hurt or burnt so badly with whatever religion they were following that the mere thought of religion turns them away. In many cases they are right to feel this way. Religion has become about forcing others to follow a set of rules that were created by someone else, someone far detached from those trying to follow it's teachings. It is about believing in what someone else has experienced.

          While spirituality is about expanding, exploring the nature of the divine yourself, and having your own personal experiences which broaden your mind and soul. No one can teach you spirituality. No one can make you have a spiritual experience. This is something that comes from deep inside you. It is something that has to happen so you may experience the revelation it beings all on your own. But most importantly spirituality is your own personal journey.
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