Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ordination Ceremony and Images

In August of 2015 I was granted the honor of being ordained as a First Circle Priest with in the ADF tradition. This was the culmination of 5 years hard work. I wanted to share with you some of the photos from the ceremony. There were three of us being ordained this day; my fellow Druids Amy and Jan. I have added captions to explain the images a bit better. While some might not understand the journey this entailed others know fulling the hard work that was put into finishing this program of study. It compares with getting a bachelors degree in Druidry. Yes, there is that much work and dedication to complete it.   

At this point we are being presented to the people, the Folk and the Kindred.
Here I am making my offering to the Gate Keeper. The three of us who were being ordained decided to make the same type of offering for different aspects of the Gate Keepers which we work with.
Here I am making my personal offering to my spirit and godly allies. Each of us made these offerings, things which we crafted with our own hands in service of the Folk and Kindred.

Here we are making offerings together for the Earth Mother. Again we made offerings to the specific aspects of the Earth Mother we personally work with.
Here are more joint offerings we had.

After the personal offerings were made we each had to take our oaths as Clergy to the Folk and the Kindred. I was extremely honored to have been sworn in by Rev. Jon 'Drum'. This is one of the most wonderful and powered individuals I have ever met.
We each had to have a member of the Folk carry and present our Clergy Stoles. I was so blessed to have a person dear to my heart carry my stole before the Folk for their blessing then place the stole upon me. Thank you so much Bonnie.
It was an emotional moment when the stole was set upon my shoulders. I was not ready for the spiritual weight that it had. Bonnie and I both were in tears at this point.
After the service we took pictures with our fellow Priests. On the left is our Arch Druid, head of our Order, Rev. Kirk Thomas. Next to him is my beloved partner John who has supported me all the way. And to the right is Rev. Michael Dangler.

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