Thursday, March 7, 2013

Destructive force, we must stop!


Take this message to heart. We are the most destructive force on this planet. We consume and consume with little thought or care to what we are doing to the planet around us. One day in the not so distant future our race will wake up and realize we have utterly destroyed a planet filled with life. A planet amazingly rich in diversity solely for the gratification of our own egos and needs.

Nature itself is a destructive force. She can be violent, harsh, and unforgiving but she is also balanced about her forces. What She destroys She rebuilds anew. Within the cycle of Nature all things are in balance... but us.

We are the destabilizing force on our planet. We are the clever creatures that have learned to warp and shape the environment to our every desire while leaving nothing but waste behind us. There has to be change. There has to be balance restored. If we destroy the planet with our constant consumption Nature will find the balance... even if that means the end of our species. She will regenerate without us here. We however will not continue with Her. All life is dependent on the Earth Mother, She is nature... She is life. She cares for all things on Her surface and will not think twice of removing one species to save the rest.

Take this message to heart, know that you are no more important than an ant colony, a herd of elephants or a pod of whales... you are just another animal among many... and we as a species ARE replaceable.   
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