Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pagan Clergy... what do we expect of our Pagan/ADF Clergy

When we think of Clergy there are many versions of what a Clergy member is. Forever path, tradition, or domination there is a different meaning. Heck for that matter for every person there is a meaning for what a Clergy person is and is not. To me a Clergy member serves several functions.

For me Clergy are the driving force expanding our understanding of the cosmos. They are the ones exploring the frontier which is the misty regions beyond what most people understand about the world, the universe, and the Kindred.

For me Clergy are the group who help us understand a more in-depth understanding of our beliefs... they take us beyond the ADF Druidry 101 stuff. Let's face it, the Pagan world is FILLED with 101 crap. It's time to get into the really DEEP understanding... the 'science' behind the art.

For me Clergy are the ones I turn too when in a personal or spiritual crisis. They are the ones who help me see beyond the immediate pain to see the other side... to see where I cannot.

And for me Clergy are the teachers... they are the ones who help us understand the will of the Kindred when it is clouded to us.

I do not think that Clergy are administrators. That is what the rest of the 'flock' are for. They are there to help run the day to day things so Clergy CAN do what they were drawn to service for. But then that is just me.

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