Monday, March 4, 2013

Consumer wastes... fashion needy morons.

I love the morning radio. It really is an insightful media on just how far our society is falling. This morning the DJ crew were talking about fashion and how it is a major fopa to wear the same outfit more than once. REALLY? This really brought home for me just how moron as a society we are. We are so into consumerism that we have begun to believe that items such as cloths and electronics are disposable.

What is wrong with wearing the same outfit more than once? Cloths are made to last. They are made from durable fabrics which are meant to last for years. To wear article of clothing just once is a terrible waste and a drain on the nature resources. I have some cloths that I have had for 5, 6, even 7 years that are still is outstanding condition and I wear regularly. Why on earth would I replace them after just ONE use? Cloths are not cheap. The process of getting them from the plant state to wearable cloths is a long drawn out process that requires a great deal of resources and produces a great deal of green house gases. Do people not realize that by replacing cloths after just one use they are dramatically adding to the destruction of the planet?

With electronics we are even worse, and I admit at times I have been quality of this as well when it comes to electronics. Every year or two new phone designs come out, especially with Apple's iPhones. People replace perfectly good phones for the newest and latest phones. Why? If you phone works just fine, doesn't have any serious malfunctions that prevent it from working as designed WHY does it need to be replaced? Same thing for tablets, e-readers, and laptops. Why? Again the process of creating electronics is extremely drawn out and unbelievably destructive to the environment yet we want the latest, newest, most powerful tool... that gets used to do the same on thing; check emails, update Facebook or twitter, to surf the web or to just text. The year old electronics you have will do just fine! Look at gaming consoles... they last for extremely long periods of time before newer version come out. Why? because people don't want to spend large sums of money replacing them... yet they will spend $500, $600, $800  every year to two years to update that iPhone or Android phone, or get the NEWEST tablet.

It is NOT just our cars or AC's in our homes that cause green house gases. The factories that great the goods we consume produce them even more than we do... yet we refuse to stop consuming at such an alarming rate. Stop for one moment and seriously think about how much you consume. Do you use a item until it is no longer functioning or do you simply get the latest newest fashion item on the market?
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