Thursday, April 11, 2013

An Invocation to Hermes

Oh Great One, Swift fleet footed herald of the gods,
You who are the son of the great Zeus and the blessed nymph Maia,
Smiling Lord of shepherds and merchants,
We call to you!

Master of travel, roads seen and unseen,
You who ushers the living after death into the realm of Hades,
Lord of time and space between the worlds,
We call you!

Most cunning and shrewd among the immortals,
God of balanced energies and esoteric magics,
Walker among the dreams of mortals,
We call to you!

Might Hermes,
Come to you at this time of magic,
When life is at its peak and death has waned,
We make offerings to you and ask that you be with us now!

Blessed Hermes accept our offerings!

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