Tuesday, March 3, 2015

History of Neopaganism and Druidry - Part 8

Discuss the influence of the Internet, and how it has changed Paganism in the 1990’s

                Before the popular and mass adaptation of the Internet, those seeking to learn about Paganism were left to chance meetings, connections through others, or sparsely filled Metaphysical bookstores. The Internet not only allowed for locals to connect, but for people to connect throughout the world. It was set to evolve into a truly world community.

                With this inter connectivity, Pagan traditions found an outlet to spread their brand of the path. This was both a savior to a dwindling community, and its greatest bane. Why? As the savior, the Internet allowed groups such as OBDO, RDNA, the various Wiccan traditions, and ADF to find new members. It allowed for a new base of solitary practitioners to find a community where they could share and learn all the while staying safe within their home. Websites such as Sacred Texts became available for those seeking to research just about any aspect of Metaphysics. But the Internet has had a dark side for the Pagan community. This dark side can be seen as part of the very same inter connecting and openness. This new worldwide media allowed any person to become an instant expert. Untrained or predatory people began to pray on those coming to the path. This created a bad image for much of the Pagan community that many of us still struggle with when viewed by the wider public.
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