Monday, January 26, 2015

General Bardic Studies for Liturgists 1 - Part 1

Write two poems of at least 16 lines each appropriate for performance at a High Day ritual. One poem may be in free-verse form, but one must employ some form of meter and/or rhyme. Note in each case which High Day the poem is intended.

This poem is used to call the spirits of the Hallows for a May Eve ritual. It was written in iambic tetrameter with assonance end rhymes.

1              Oh Sacred Fire, I call to thee
2              Oh Sacred Fire, burn in me
3              Oh hear my call, I invoke thee!
4              Create this Hallow bright and free!

5              Oh Sacred Well, I call to thee
6              Oh Scared Well, flow in me
7              Oh hear my call, I invoke thee!
8              Create this Hallow cool and free!

9              Oh Sacred Tree, I call to thee
10           Oh Scared Tree, expand in me
11           Oh hear my call, I invoke thee!
12           Create this Hallow tall and free!

13           Create these Hallows, I decree
14           Come here now, this May Eve
15           Offerings given, hear my plea!
16           As I will so shall it be!

This poem is written more in free verse with some attention paid to rhyme. It is written for use to honor the Goddess Selene on Winter Solstice ritual.

1              Silver Lady skin so white,
2              You, who dances across the night;
3              Cast upon us your guiding light,
4              And clear away all which gives fright.

5              The light of your twin shines on your face,
6              You whose love comes from your grace;
7              Watch from the sky up on high,
8              And keep the oaths so men don’t lie.

9              It is you who turns from light to dark,
10           And the passing of time received its mark;
11           From life to death and life again,
12           Your cycle turns neither foe nor friend.

13           Blessed Goddess of the Moon,
14           It is with you we stay attuned;
15           Offerings given, offerings poured,
16           To a Goddess in which all adore.

17           Hear our plea, hear our call,
18           Come to us as you rise and fall;
19           Shine upon us with your gentle might,
20           And give to us your timeless sight.
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