Thursday, September 12, 2013

Justification... sorry human excuses for genocide!

          A friend of mine on Facebook made a request for several of us to report a Facebook page as inappropriate. When I click on the site I was not prepared for how sickened I would be. It is a Facebook page that is dedicated to the eradication of the Canada wolf. The images on the site are graphic and gory to the point I was sick at my stomach. Many of the images where not of single wolf killings but the culling of FULL packs and the slaughter of pups that looked to young to even be weened. The site name? KILL ALL THE WOLVES AGAIN. (WARNING!!! DO NOT VISIT THE LINK UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF!!!)

          I am not against hunting, especially for food or culling a population that has become to large so that it is causing ecological damage. I think that helps keep a healthy balance in the wild. But this? This is glutenous whole sale slaughter presented in a fashion of joy and pleasure. There are even two videos of a snared wolf which is shot in the side (not a clean shot to the head which would have been a clean death) then allowed to just lay there and die slowly. That is not sportsmanship. That is not hunting for food. That is torture. That is cruel. There is no sense in such activities.

          Wolves play a very important role in the wild ecological system. They help thin the herds of deer and elk. They help remove those that are aging or diseased. Without wolves these herd animals over populate and begin to migrate from the wild into our backyards. We then complain and destroy these animals because they are damaging crops, gardens, and the like. Not to mention that the disease which will quickly spread their illness to the rest of their population.

          I have yet to see a practical, or any for that matter, justification for their destruction. What can you possibly say to justify this:


or this

It is time we as a people keep out about this kind of behavior! It is time we stop this kind of action and prevent the destruction of a species for reason. It is time to stop the justification of genocide!
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