Wednesday, August 28, 2013


          Everywhere we look today there are people spouting out about their beliefs and how everyone should follow the way they think, that everyone should be as perfect as they are. I have one word for you: Hypocrisy. What is that word you say? Well hypocrisy is the state of "... feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially: the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion" (Merriam-Webster, hypocrisy).

          Every single person, wither intentional or not, is guilty of being hypocritical to their beliefs at some point in their lives. Many are guilty rather often unintentionally in their daily lives. Some are guilty very intentionally. But no matter the intent or lack there of, hypocrisy is... well hypocrisy.

          This is one of those topics, sadly, that keeps coming to mind many times throughout the day. I, myself, am guilty of it like everyone else. Sometimes it is intentional (a little lie here or there to have a little extra time off work) and sometimes unintentional. But what kills me are things like the fight against and for gay marriage. All these holier than thou Christians are fighting this 'righteous' war to defend the sanctity of marriage while all the while they themselves have been married 2, 3, 4 times. They say that marriage is for pro-creation yet there are married couples that cannot or will not have children. Yet if you turn it back on them the very same people begin to spout "Judge not, least ye be judged." Well guess what? You are a hypocrite! Not just a little bit... A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT!!!

          But there is major hypocrisy within all religious faiths, even among us Pagans. Many people who have turned to Paganism did so to escape the kind of oppression and hypocritical behavior seen in so many churches within the Christian faith. But they soon find themselves belonging to a spiritual path that can be just as hypocritical. I remember one of the first groups I joined talked about how each person was a priest/ess. that each of us were just as able to reach out to the gods as anyone else. Yet within a few short classes I was instructed I was not allowed to do rituals, magic, or even simple prayers to the gods without supervision. Well that is pretty hypocritical to what was stated upfront.

          Though each of us as individuals and as groups at any given time can be a hypocrite, it is important to remember that we are not perfect. We each make mistakes. All we can do it work hard towards following our beliefs to the best of our abilities and try to like with as much integrity and piety as possible. If each one of us would strive to this the world would under go dramatic change.
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