Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gaia Theory... a metaphysical/magical look from my perspective

          For years there has been an idea called the Gaia Theory stating that organics have evolved to 'interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulatingcomplex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on the planet.' (Wikipedia - Gaia Theory)During my meditations working to create the study program for DEO (Demeter and the Eleusinian Order, ADF) I began to see this theory through a metaphysical perspective.

          Science is finding that there is a vast network of fungi in the soil of the earth which allows for transfer of nutrients and possible communication between plants of every kind. This network is known as the mycelia network. There are many functions on a physical and biology level which occurs between fungi and plant life, far more than I could ever image covering in this post. If you are interesting in learning more do a Google search on: Mycorrhiza fungi or Mycelia fungi. Believe me you will find amazing amounts of information. Also here is a video of Paul Stamets talking about mycelia on TED: (there are a great many videos by Paul and others from TED talks which cover this topic and other involving biology communities forming networks)

          My interest here is on what can this mean on a metaphysical level to we humans and all the other life forms which inhabit our planet. During my meditation and trance work with Demeter in creating the DEO study program She showed me ideas which lead me to the following thoughts about this.

Microscope image of mycorrhizae          So let us suppose that magic is derived from the plant itself. It is part of the very essence of the life force which encases the earth. And let us say that this energy moves through a vast network throughout the planet. A network of mycelia which spreads throughout the soil. Plants are inner connected with the fungi which are connected to the Earth Mother and all over things in the soil. There is an unending flow of energy. Let us now say that plants take some of this fungi into them and spread it through their pollen into the air. This then allows animals of all kind to take in the fungi connecting us to the same energy, the same life force, the same magic of the Earth Mother. Then the pollen then falls into water where is spreads further connecting land, sea, and sky. It then connects everything on and within the earth to one another. This could be our true World Tree... that which connects us to all things and all places!

          But if this network is there, which it really is actually there despite my thoughts on what it could mean, why is magic nearly lost to the past? Why can we not access it like stories of old? Let me share with you what I saw as being the reasoning for this.

          As humanity evolved we started to change our environment. As we learned about agriculture we reshaped the land through farming to suite our needs, so we could grow more food for our ever growing species. As forests were cleared and land plowed this ancient mycelia network was damaged. The more we spread the more damage to the network. Then we began to mine minerals which further tore into our Earth Mother disrupting the network even further. We lived in these areas where our connection to the Earth Mother and the earth magic were damaged. The more our villages grew the more damage we did the more our connection was weakened. This not only made us start to lose our connection to magic but to the Earth Mother herself. We began to feel lost so we advanced further to fill the void of our own creation, which in turn caused even further destruction.

          In our efforts to provide for our exploding population we began to find ways to turn away pests and other 'damaging' life forms to our crops. This effort began to poison the land, killing even more of the network. This in turn caused plant life to become damaged and struggle as it lost connections with the Earth Mother. It is a cycle that has spiraled completely out of control.

          We now consume foods that are altered, treated to prevent 'infestation' of things we see as undesirable, that are processed to the point they can barely be seen as nature foods. Though doing so we are cutting ourselves off from the Earth Mother and Her network of life even further. We eat foods that stunt the growth of healthy bacteria and fungi in our bodies. We grow food in wants that prevent the land and crops themselves from obtaining what they need. Hell we are even to the point of genetically modifying food so that we can gain more nutrition from it. And in doing so we are pushing ourselves further and further from our connection from the Earth Mother and all life. We have caused and imbalance in the world that ripples throughout our planet, throughout life, and throughout our souls.

          Just some food for spiritual thought.
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