Thursday, February 28, 2013

Prayer in School

There is this misguided belief that prayer has been banned from schools. This is further from the truth. Any child may pray anyway they wish. No one is allowed to dictate how or who that pray is for. Buddhist may pray to Buddha. Hindus may pray to any of their gods. Pagans may pray to any of their gods. Muslims may pray to Ala. Christians may pray to their god.

But the institution is not allowed to lead or set prayers. That is forced indoctrination.

Prayer can be very beautiful. However it is not beautiful when forced to pray or forced into a specific religious prayer. Imagine the out cry if a Christian child was forced to perform a Hindu prayer.

One's personal god or gods should always be with you... if they aren't or can't... guess what they pretty much means they aren't a god.

So why don't you ignorant morons learn the difference between prayer in school and forced indoctrination of one specific religious path? Is your real issue that Christian prayer are not being enforced? I am very sure THAT is your goal. If it is then you are right.. there is a ban on THAT is school as it should be.

This is similar to the argument that Creationism should be taught in schools. Creationism is NOT a science. It is a religious belief, nothing more. And honestly a rather LIMITED religious belief as they only want the Christian point of view taught. Now if you want to introduce a World Religions course as a Humanities class... that would be amazing, but WAIT that might make the children of our country rethink the beliefs they are force feed by their parents!

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