Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nope... not a theocracy!

          I have seen a few posts the past few days that really make me chuckle. I find it interesting that for some reason some Christians, and I say some because I know not all feel this way, believe that they are being attacked because they are Christians. This seems to steam from the believe because the rest of us are sick to death of them trying to force their believes on us through their desire to make America a theocracy, we are some how attacking their believes.

          This is a delusion. I am happy for you that you have your spiritual beliefs. I am happy that they work for your... but we are not a theocracy or a 'Christian Nation.' To believe we are is another delusion. And if we were... it would be a BAD thing. Take a look at a few nations that ARE theocracies... Iran, Iraq, (most Islamic nations). Vatican City, Central Tibetan Administration, just to name a few. Look what happens to their people. Look at how we as Americans view most of these examples. And even if we were to become a Christian theocracy... what denomination would rule? Because it can be seen everyday in the news, online, and so many other places; the war that goes on even between your own denominations. Would we be a Catholic theocracy? A Baptist theocracy? A Mormon theocracy? And what laws from those religions are you going to enforce? Stoning? Burning at the stack? And for what reasons? Being Gay? Adultery? Eating shell fish? Wearing blended fabrics? Make no mistake... unless your specific Church is the ruling religion... you are FUCKED! 

          This was the very thing that drove most European Immigrants to the 'new country'. They wanted freedom to believe they way they wanted without a single denomination from coming to power and FORCING them to believe they way the government saw fit.

          But what is a theocracy you ask? Great question... let us take a look and see what a theocracy is. According to (and Random House Dictionary as their source) a theocracy is 'a form of government in which God or a deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler,a deity's laws being interpreted by the ecclesiastical authorities.' So in essence the scripture of said religion governs the laws of the governing body. This is usually done through the priest of said religion. Great. That clears things up!

          So sure! Be a proud American, be a proud Christian, or Muslim, or Hindi, or Pagan, or Druid, or etc... and be a proud American (insert religion) because that is what we can do in America... but know this: We are NOT a theocracy. If someone tries to make it one? FIGHT THEN TOOTH AND NAIL! Because it will be the end of freedom.
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