Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Understand what is really happening

          In our nation we are blind. We are blind to the truth of reality by the truth we believe is real. There are so many things going on in our nation currently. There are so many untruths running around out there that it is frightening at how much anger and rage they stir in the hearts of our citizens.

          One of the things that really brought this to light for me was a young man who blasted me because I pointed out the 'facts' that were being used on a posting were not correct and really needed primary sources to seem valid. He went on a rant about how I was un-American because I supported gun control and that I did not know anything because I was not out there defending my countries freedom. I have several issues with this. 1.) I am not out there defending my country because a. when I tried to sign up they flat out told me NO because I was 'queer' and b. because people with his mentality beat, raped and left me for dead which one of them gave me HIV. 2.) He nor any other military individual is actually defending our freedom. To do that there would have to be another nation trying to take over our sovereignty. There are not tanks sitting outside our borders, or fighter craft over our skies, no one... attacking our nation on a military level. Yes a few fanatical religious people bombed us... guess what that is NOTHING new. We have had Christian religious fanatics bomb us, we have had American terrorists bomb us, and we even had an attack on the World Trade Center when I was kid. So no you are NOT defending our freedom from anyone. 3.) There is not requirement in out US Constitution that military service is required to have a vote, option, or influence on our nation.

          The other thing that really stood out was the whole fight over guns that are currently going on. I hear from gun owners 'no one is taking my guns unless it is over my dead body!' Really? And who is it that is trying to take your guns? Who is trying to totally disarm American's? No one! The government is tightening gun control. This is something that should have been done ages ago. Gun control is NOT disarming America. You are still allowed to own hand guns, you are still allowed to own riffles, you are still allowed to own a shot gun... those are arms. What they do want to do is ban military grand weapons... and as my friend in the paragraph above mentioned most of you are 'not in the military'. What reason can you have to own a fully automatic assault rifle unless you plan on killing people in large numbers? That is what these weapons are designed for. It would be like own a rocket launcher and saying it was for the defense of your home... Really? From what? A T-Rex? From alien abduction?

          So if you have a bone to pick about what is happening in America... plus be a decent human being and show at least the smallest sign of intelligence. Present your side of the argument with a sound position. Otherwise you just look like a complete and total idiot. No one is going to take you seriously. I know I do not!

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