Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Right to Bare Arms.... HUH!

          There is such a HUGE buzz going on about the 'Right to Bare Arms' but interestingly enough it is only about guns. The original amendment of the Constitution does not specifically mention guns per say, just the 'Right to Bare Arms.' So why then is that the most specific 'Arms' people fight about?

          I mean really, there are other things which should be considered as well. Here is a prime example: I graduated school in May of 2011. In Winter of 2010 I was trying to pull my Blistex out of my pocket because my lips were getting seriously chapped from the weather. Well of course most of the contents of my pocket come spilling out. Of course being a good Georgia farm boy one of the items was a pocket knife, this was of course in a class room. Now let it be said that I am no wimp about my pocket knifes, it is about 3.5" folded so you can guess it's a fairly large knife when unfolded. So my professor sees it, leaves the room, and comes back with campus security. OH OH OH guess what? I got asked to leave campus and was suspended for a week for having a deadly weapon on campus. IT'S A FREAKING POCKET KNIFE! Besides... I studied martial arts. I am a second degree black belt... I can be lethal with a spoon, a fork, heck even a bamboo skewer. And you are going to tell me I cannot carry my pocket knife? Heck for that matter I have a nearly 2 ton weapon of fine Swedish steal I can run you over with!

          I have since learned that anything over 2" is illegal to carry in a pocket... insert dirty comment (snickers). Really? You are going to tell me that pocket knives are more regulated than GUNS? That is insane! So all you people who are screaming and yelling about assault riffles being banned... SUCK IT UP!!! If I can't carry a 3.5" blade in my pocket then you do not get your fully automatic mega clip assault riffle designed for killing in mass! So if you are going to scream about the regulations on 'Arms' start screaming about the fact simple things like knives are heavily regulation... or just walk into town with a bow and arrows slung over your shoulder and see what kind of reaction you get from cops. (shakes head) People pick battles to fight that actually hold weight... that are logical... not ones that make you look like some insane redneck from the deepest darkest parts of the woods.
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