Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rev. Raven Mann - You will be greatly missed.

I was looking at Facebook today and saw a posting that strike me hard leaving me very sad.

One of ADF's Priests departed from this light today.

Bright Blessings dear one. May the Kindred embrace you and carry you in love to the Summerlands where our Ancestors away you. May you find rest and healing from the cares of this life. May you peace beyond measure.

May the Kindred hold your friends and family left behind to help strengthen them while they grieve your departure of this world.

This the posting By Rev. Kirk Thomas, ADF
Missing a friend - Rev. George Lee (Raven Mann)

This morning Rev. George Lee (Raven Mann) passed away in the presence of his wife. He had been in the hospital for an operation due to his failing health and had an unexpected blood clot in his lungs. He was 49.

Raven Mann was an effective priest and ritual leader, and also an accomplished liturgist. He served as the ADF Preceptor during the latter half of Rev. Skip Ellison's term as Archdruid and made many contributions to the deliberations of the ADF Clergy Council. His passing will be a great loss to ADF.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Rev. Kelly Kingston (Carrion Mann) and their daughter Morrighan at this sad time. We also pray that he may pass quickly to the Otherworlds in the company of his Ancestors.

Raven, we will miss you, and we pray that you will lift a glass in the Otherworlds when we call on our Ancestors in the years to come. With cries of "ghosti!" we trust that you have now joined the ranks of the Ancient Wise for the benefit of us all.

Goodbye for now, old friend. 
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