Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Religious Freedoms... and Federal Law

          So the Green family which owns the Hobby Lobby chain of stores is refusing to abide by the Obama-Care changes and is having to pay $1.3 million dollars per day, reportedly, in fines. The protest going around says "Support Hobby Lobby, A Company that Obeys God Rather than Men". And honestly I am happy for them that they are a Christian family. Good for them! And good for them for standing up for their beliefs.

        HOWEVER... we are a nation that is based off Freedom of religion AND separation of religion and the State. This means that the government can not make unreasonable laws regarding religion. Again totally cool and totally understand that. Here is the HOWEVER... Hobby Lobby is an incorporated company NOT a 501c3 organization which a Church would fall into. There for it is subject to the laws and regulations set by local, state, and federal government bodies. It is NOT a Church. There for as a company they are breaking federal law by refusing to abide by the Obama-Care laws.

          So what Hobby Lobby is doing is extremely UN-AMERICAN. They are bucking against the federal laws because they feel their religious freedom is being stepped on. Well no it isn't. You are a company. You must follow the laws that ALL companies must or be fined.

          I love how if a Christian person owns a business and uses that business in an unlawful or unethical business practices then runs around screaming religious freedoms when they get caught.
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