Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Easy Small Hanging Garden

I am always searching for ways that I, and others, can grow small gardens of herbs and vegetables in nearly any place you live. There are so many amazing ideas, so many possibilities. Here is one that uses recycled materials. I am going to look into doing this at my apartment. I think it would be an amazing way to grow things. I found it on Pinterest.

So take the time to look into doing something like this. See what you can do or make so you can grow even the smallest amount of food for yourself.

7 Steps to Building a Gutter Garden
  1. Find old lengths of roof gutter (anything lying around in the garage or even the recycled kind if there is somewhere in your hometown with recycled building materials).
  2. Attach to the sunny side of your garage, an old chain link fence, or a wooden one.
  3. At each end of the gutter, place a piece of screen, also salvage materials, to hold in the compost or planting soil (this will hold in the soil while also allowing the excess water to drain to the gutter below).
  4. Place the gutters in a way that the gutter below can capture any run-off from the gutter above, as that is nutrient rich soil that you will be creating (remember those toys we had as kids, where the ball rolled down one slope then dropped to the one below to roll in the opposite direction?  Same thing here).
  5. Underneath the very bottom gutter, place a bucket at the end that can capture what will be a rich, smoothie-like compost that can be recycled back into the top gutter.
  6. Add seeds for lettuce, spinach, radishes, herbs (nothing too heavy like winter squash or potatoes and nothing that requires too much depth to grow).

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