Monday, January 14, 2013

Deadly Pollution Levels

          On DVICE today I read a horrifying article. It was about the pollution levels in Beijing. It appears that the pollution level went from 300+ to well over 700, this is considered extremely hazardous to humans. This is what we are doing to our world with our incessant need for more... for not forcing ourselves to live a greener life. We are making the air of our world un-breathable even for ourselves.

Take a moment and read the article. It is truly heart breaking to know there are humans living in this kind of condition... it is even more heart breaking they allow it to continue:

Airpocalypse: Record pollution chokes Beijing

Airpocalypse: Record pollution chokes Beijing

          This is one of the major reasons I want to built a sustainable green living community. I want to reduce the impact I have on the environment and on the world. I want to be an example of how humanity can come together and live a green live that is enjoyable and in a modern context.

          Here is another terrifying image of the smog issue that Beijing experienced. This really shows how bad this was. WAKE UP humanity!!! We are killing ourselves!

NASA satellite images show full scale of Beijing pollution cloud
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