Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Axioms: XX. Law of Intelligence

“The Magician’s Companion: A Practical & Encyclopedic Guide to Magical & Religious

Bill Whitcomb, 1997
Llyewellyn Publications

XX. Law of Intelligence

Any pattern of sufficient complexity will act intelligent when treated as an entity.

A pattern more complex than ourselves could be said to be more intelligent than we
are. Keep in mind that the human brain is still far more complex than the most advanced
computer yet built.

This law can be seen in the use of Runes. Runes have become more complex over time because of the power and belief poured into them. Through their use they have become a form of intelligence... so it can be said that they are complex enough to be seen as an entity. Many Rune casters and users will tell you that the Runes are alive and very much aware.
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