Monday, September 10, 2012

World coming to an end December 2012?

          So there are many people who think that the world will come to an end on December 2012 all because of the Mayan calendar. I find this most interesting that people become so obsessed with an prediction that marks the end of the world or a great change in the world due to disaster.

          I have read a lot about the Mayan calendar... watched many documentaries on the subject and I have come to a singular conclusion... all calendars must have an end date. It is like saying the world will end because the current calenders in the US end on December 31st.

          So with that thought, WHY ON EARTH are people so obsessed with the world ending? I remember the HUGE scare people had about Y2K. The world didn't come to an end then like so many believed. Do people hate their lives so much they want things to end? It's something to really think about.

          As a Druid I firmly believe that life will continue on unless something super catastrophic occurs like a planet killing meteor hits the planet or the sun belches out a massive solar flare to cook the atmosphere off. Even then I am so sure that Mother Earth won't find a way for life to continue in some fashion even if we humans were not around to be a part of it. I guess it really is a matter of how you look at life. I do not see us as something super special in the grand scheme of things. We humans like to think of ourselves as the pentacle of all living things... well guess what we are not. We are nothing more than a really clever animal that adapted faster than some of the other animals. In the end we are just one part of the great web of life.
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