Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cool fall weather

          When I woke up this morning there was a chill in the apartment. I had turned of the AC a few days back because it was getting cool enough that it would not kick on since it was set on 78. So I knew it was not because of the AC. So I showered and got ready for work. When I stepped outside I was shocked to find the temperature was a nice cool 54 degrees. The air was crisp and fresh. FALL WEATHER!

          When I went out to lunch I was confronted with a wonderful 62 degree weather! It was amazing to feel the air on my skin. My head began to swim with the excitement that fall is on its way. Though it made me take a moment to think about what our winter might be like... then I pushed it from my mind, rolled down my windows, opened my sun roof and drove to lunch. This really is my favorite time of year. I love watching the leaves change from green to red, gold, orange and yellow. I love the smells that come with fall... the smell of dried leaves, pumpkins, apple cider... oh what a glorious time of year!

          Though this time of year is the beginning of the dead time in the Great Wheel, it seems to help me reconnect with the earth and the seasonal cycles after a hot humid summer. The change of temperature, colors, and the movement of the animals lets us know the earth is starting its decent into a dormant state.

          So take a moment, breath in the cool fall air and release anything that has been plaguing you this past year. Feel it melt from you body and out through your breath. Feel yourself become lighter and more relaxed. Know deep down that this is the ending of all things, the beginning of the resting time so they can be renewed with the coming of spring next year.
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