Monday, September 10, 2012

ADF Liturgy part 5: The Earth Mother and Her significance in ADF Liturgy

          The Earth Mother is an iconic image that any Neo-Pagan will be able to recognize. She is the symbol of the earth itself and the source of all life upon Her. We in ADF are no different in the respect that we acknowledge Her. But we are different in the fact that we have given Her a specific place within our rites that helps to form the structure of our Liturgy.

          The open of all our rituals start with an offering and call to the Great Earth Mother. We give honor to the Earth Mother for the life She has given to us. We give honor to the Earth Mother for being the sustaining force of all life, for without Her there would be no life.

          I see Her importance to us as being the embodiment of all life and the Middleworld. She is the Earth goddess from which all life, even from some views all gods, sprang from. She is the greatest of all Ancestors, for we have all come from Her flesh. And She is the most wide spread and powerful Nature Spirit, for She is the spirit of the land. By honoring the Earth Mother we are honoring all of life and all of creation. And that is what our Druidry in ADF is about.
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