Sunday, September 9, 2012

ADF Liturgy part 4: Why ADF Ritual need not have a defined outer Boundary, or ‘circle’ and the sacralization of space in ritual

          When I first started learning about ADF ritual I was rather concerned with the fact there was no circle cast as part of the rituals. There were several aspects that concerned me. The first was how the energy that was raised during the ritual was going to be contained until the release for the final goal. The second was how did celebrants of the ritual plan to protect the members of the grove from unwanted energies or beings during the working.

          I was to find that the answers were rather simple: ADF Rituals are designed specifically for worship, not especially for the working of magic. When you are worshiping the Kindreds there is really no need to contain power for a single release. That resolved the first concern I had about the lack of circle within ADF Rituals.

          ADF ritual and cosmology were created so that the area where the rituals are preformed is blessed by the act of worship itself. Through the re-creation of the cosmos and Sacred Center, sacralization occurs as an energy radiating outwards from the Three Hallows, eliminating the need for a defined physical boundary. (Gold) It can be seen that a boundary is created on a metaphysical level when making our Outdweller offerings. Though I can see the validity in this I am not so use that is what is happening. In the Outdweller offering we are requesting that in return for the sacrifice we are giving that all unharmonious energies and being to our rite please leave us in peace. This leaves open the option for the Outdwellers to not accept the offering and come on in to the ritual, breaking the hospitality created by the offering itself. A true boundary or barrier would prevent them from passing through or at the very least make it very difficult.

          As for protection from unwanted entities, that is taken care of through the offering given to the Outdwellers. This shows Them the respect that is rightfully theirs as well as creating a type of bound of hospitality that even the Outdwellers would not dare break before the mighty Kindred (ADF). And something else to consider that our Senior Druid said, ‘Do you really think that the gods we are worshiping aren’t capable of protecting us while we worship Them?’ That is something I very much take to heart.

          The very design of ADF Cosmology creates an atmosphere of openness and welcome to all beings. At the same time it is also designed to protect all those attending from negative influence. This is done without the need for a set boundary or circle. Through the Sacred Center the land is blessed and protected.
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