Sunday, September 9, 2012

ADF Liturgy part 2: Functions people can take in ritual

          There are many roles within ritual that members of a grove can take part in other than being one of the celebrates running the ritual. The roles are just as important to the flow of ritual as that of those leading. It helps people feel engaged and prevents boredom. (Bonewits 116-122)

          One of those roles which is very important is that of a fire warden. This person watches over the Sacred Fire. A fire warden keeps the fire from leaving the area created for it. Also the fire needs to be tended so that it will burn throughout the duration of the ritual. And of course the fire has to be put out at the end of the ritual. A fire warden would put the fire out, making sure that even the embers were snuffed so that no fire could spring back up.

          Having pre-ritual helpers in setting up the ritual area is invaluable. Many times those who are running the ritual are busy getting people prepared for the activities of the ritual or doing pre-ritual meditations. Having members of the grove help with setting up tables, getting offering items set out, etc. really helps the keep the flow of ritual smooth.

          In our grove we have a role that we jokingly call the food czar. Currently this is a role that I myself hold. This role was created so that the ritual feast would relate and enhance the full ritual experience. We also have a member who helps visitors during the ritual with any questions that might come up concerning what is being done at any point in the ritual.

          Within the ritual, people can take the roles of Bard, bringing music and storytelling to the ritual. Seers can be in the ritual to lead group meditations and reading the Omen. Roles for ritual can be endless for a grove. The more members that are willing to help the more roles that can be created to help assure a smooth running ritual.
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