Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ADF Liturgy part 16: How ADF Liturgy corresponds to personal and group practice

          In the matter of group practice and how it corresponds to ADF Liturgy the answer is easy. We are an ADF Protogrove so our rituals are based strictly on the ADF ritual format. The group is diverse in cultural focus, ranging from Celtic to Hellenic; yet using the ADF ritual format brings us all together as a unified group. It allows us to worship the different pantheons with fellow grove members while connecting to new Kindred that were not in our lives before. I have also found that the ADF Liturgy style tends to draw people to our path.

          In my personal practice, ADF Liturgy has really made major changes. Having practiced Wicca and ceremonial magic for most of my Pagan path I was accustomed to working ritual that was focused on the magical part of metaphysics rather than the spiritual parts of it. There was only a concern for balance between male and female, a single god and goddess that Wicca was based on. But with this there seemed to be something missing from my practice. While working through my Dedicate Program I slowly began to change my rituals from one of Wiccan and focusing on magic to rituals based on ADF Liturgy that I was using for worship. Though I still do magic, I usually do it separate from my religious rituals. Though there are times with I do use the ‘working’ portion of ritual to do some of my magical workings.

          As time has passed and I have worked within the Clergy Study Program the ADF Liturgy format has become the infrastructure for all my daily spiritualism. Simple daily devotions are structured within the ADF format, though more loosely than personal rituals or High Days are. It has allowed me to retrain my mind in a way that now functions instinctively from the ADF cosmology.

          Through the use of ADF Liturgy I have found myself creating stronger connections with my patrons along with the rest of the Kindred. For me personally ADF Liturgy helped me to find what was missing in my practice, spirituality.
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