Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A day of remembrance

          To day is a day in which we reflect upon a tragedy which was brought upon us by a small fanatical religious group. Many lives where lost in the 9/11 indecent because of the actions of a few. As we take time to honor those that have fallen through the attack, those helping rescue, and those that took action to prevent further destruction at the cost of their own lives we should also take a moment to really ponder the lessons to be learn from this.

          Since this attack on the US many people have decided that all Muslims are a part of this fanatical group which works so hard to bring destruction to anyone they disagree with. But this is not so, if you take a moment to look at their culture many Muslims reject such groups as this because it betrays their teachings of love and peace. Remember Islam branched from the same religion as Christianity did. To say all Muslims are evil hate filled people that attack other is like saying because a few of the Christian faith have attacked and killed large numbers of people all Christians are evil.

          I think being a Druid and having studied many religions I can separate myself from the madness that surrounds the topic and look at this from a prospective that many cannot. If you look back on history there are reason why some Muslims hate Christians. Simply look at the Holy Crusades. Hundreds of thousands where slaughtered by Christians because they wanted to 'free' the Holy Lands. That kind of attack can linger for many generations. The add to the fact that our own brand of fanatics in America want to see this nation as a Christian, and so do these fanatical Muslims, we end up with a big target painted on ourselves. It does not help that over all our nation boast that we are a better nation and try to dictate to others how they should live and how they should run their own countries.

          I say all this not to demean what happened to citizens of our nation but for us to take a moment to think about some of the history that has brought us here to this point. To learn something about cause and effect so we can try to put forth forgiveness to help prevent such tragedies from occurring again. We must put aside our religious differences so that we can find peace with one another.

          I end this post with a prayer to the fallen and to the Kindred themselves: Oh this day of remembrance of all the lives lost on 9/11, I pray to the Kindred that all the lost souls from that day rest peacefully in the Summerlands, that those who remain are held in the Kindreds healing embrace, and that through their wisdom we learn to forgive those that brought this tragedy to our doorsteps.
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